Nutritional Beauty focuses on women’s health, with the majority of our work being to help you be the healthiest, happiest, most vibrant version of yourself.  We also believe we have a social responsibility to support women and children break cycles of poverty and malnourishment.  The lack of education and poverty around access to nutritious food is something as a community we hope to help change and impact positively through the sharing and partnering with Mannatech products and supporting Mission 5 Millionâ„ , (M5M).

Why? Because food security is a global issue, and we cannot turn a blind eye. It is more than not having access to safe, nutritious food. Being food secure is that there is access, education, and the ability to choose nutritious food. Some people are food insecure without hunger, and they have access to food; however, it is not nutritious. Those who are food insecure with extreme hunger miss meals and are nutritiously inadequate. Even in affluent countries such as America and Australia, a percentage of the population experiences food insecurity. Shockingly, poor nutrition causes 45% of the deaths in children under the age of 5, that is 3.1million children per year.

While a back story is interesting, this blog piece is not to discuss social determinants of health, so let’s get back to M5M. Founded in 2015, the foundation is a certified 501(c)(3) non-profit charity organisation. The M5M mission aligns with our passion for helping people and is to combat the effects of global malnutrition by providing food-sourced supplements to children in need. This is the difference with M5M, as current food programs are mainly cereal-based and lack many of the nutrients young children need. Experts agree that proper nutrition supports the body’s ability to defend against disease and illness. The nutrients found in a variety of fruits, vegetables, meats, grains and oils are not available to many communities, leaving millions around the world to be malnourished. Malnourishment is where one is undernourished or overnourished.  Children suffering from undernourishment need more natural, nutrient-dense foods to best support their health and wellbeing. According to the international relief organisation, Doctors Without Borders, food is not enough. In fact, fortified, blended flours no longer meet the minimum nutritional criteria for young children set by experts at the World Health Organisation. Without the nutrients, the children are unable to sustain focus at school, help with family chores, and can have weakened immune responses. Recent advancements in hydroponically grown vegetables are an example of how science can provide new sources of standardised, plant-based nutrients that can meet this need. The M5M Foundation supplies children with PhytoBlend, a multivitamin and mineral blend based powder that can be added to virtually any type of daily meal. The Phytoblend powder is served in schools, community feeding programs, orphanages and ministries in rural and urban settings through localised organisations in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Colombia, China, Taiwan, Philippines, Nepal, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, Tanzania, South Sudan, South Africa and Haiti.

While we recognise that health is more than what goes into our bellies, food security is influential in changing life quality. We wanted to share why M5M is important to us as a community. Also to let you know that each time you make an informed choice for your skin health, for healthy ageing, or increased stamina by choosing Mannatech products you are creating a ripple effect of positive change in the life of a child.

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To learn more about M5M or make a donation directly to support their work in orphanages and organisation’s around the world, you can find details at M5M Foundation.org


đź“· Image courtesy Jude Beck 



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