Life has its ups and downs. We step to the left. We shuffle to the right, take two steps forward and three steps back. Life described like this is pretty much how I appear on the dance floor. But this blog post is not to offer you dancing tips; instead, I would like to share some ideas on how I face and deal with challenges, in turn, expanding my comfort zone and creating a high level of mental endurance.

Challenges teach us to build resilience, to foster positivity and discover the essence of who we are. If we are open-minded, have a little faith and roll with the changes, we can expand our comfort zone and move further forward than we may have ever believed was possible. It takes practice. And whether challenges arrive by themselves or we create them, we need to step up, face the fear we are feeling and make the best decisions with what we know at the time to get through.

I remind myself that I am ready for what comes my way, and I would like you to remember that YOU are READY for anything that comes your way. Do this by reflecting on everything you have ever done in life that brought you to this moment in time.  The new relationship, the education, the parenting, the jobs, the research, the chats with mentors, the long hours, the plans, the sacrifices, the commitment and discipline call it all into action. Appreciate all the experiences, however hard it may seem. There is a lesson in each one of them.

Take a step of courage and start. Getting yourself to the 'start line' of anything new in your life deserves a round of applause! Let go of expectation and stop being attached to outcomes. Decide what you would like to achieve and take steps each day to move toward it. I know since I have practised detaching myself from outcomes, it has reduced the self-judgement and noise of my inner critic, (aka Mildred), significantly. I now feel in control, have a heightened sense of focus, a quieter mind and when I do this, consciously or subconsciously, I achieve what I desire.

Choose your words wisely. We talk to ourselves more than anyone else, therefore, be mindful with what you say! I am conscious of choosing language that builds me up instead of minimising myself as a person. I have mantras and have removed words such as 'just' when I am talking to myself or about myself. What you say about yourself to yourself will make the difference in how you show up every day. Choose to use words that make you emotionally stronger, not wear you down. I have mantras surrounding me in my workspace, and I schedule reminders on my calendar. I breathe in what I want and breathe out what I don't want. It may sound cuckoo, but it works!

Empower yourself by remembering the original reasons you do what you do. This way, tasks, chores and goals are completed with intention, purpose, and you will enjoy more fulfilment. I find when I am feeling fatigued, emotionally flat, challenged or distracted, bringing my focus back to my reasons ignites an invincible spirit of follow-through to continue on my path forward.

Challenges arrive in different forms, and some help us grow, some we set for ourselves and some we don't want. I encourage you to be kind to yourself and reaffirm your choices, your reasons and take inspired action every day to climb mountains, push through barriers and sometimes make it to the ‘start line’. You are ready, and you can be courageous.

What challenges will you take on, or give yourself? How do you overcome and boost your mental endurance? Share in the comments below.

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Ocea E

Nutritional Beauty Coach


Ocea is a health coach and cheerleader for women in business. Her mission is to help women realise their dreams, achieve financial freedom and live each day as the happiest, healthiest, most vibrant version of themselves. Find out more about her work at


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